Kingston soccer tournament, Porto Soccer Tournament

Ontario Soccer Association SOSA


Tournament Rules

1. Laws
All games will be played in accordance with the F.I.F.A. Laws of the Game as observed by the Ontario Soccer Association.

2. Team Registration

  • All teams must register at the registration tent half hour prior to game time(a registration tent will be located at all fields)
  • All teams must have the master game sheet filled out and submitted at registration
  • Teams must provide player books for their team validated by their District (EODSA teams must provide player cards along with Team Rosters)
  • Any guest players from different clubs must provide TEP (Temporary Eligibility Permits) signed by the club and district.
  • A copy of the Application To Travel (ATF) for teams travelling from outside the SOSA district must be sent one week prior to the tournament and a copy must be provided at registration. For teams traveling from outside the province, a letter of approval from the governing organization and proof of Medical and Liability insurance for all players and coaching staff must be provided one week prior to tournament along with a copy provided at registration.
3. Home Team Responsibilities
  • The second team listed on the schedule is the home team.
  • The home team will supply the game ball. If, at referee's discretion, the home team can't supply a suitable game ball, the away team will have the option of providing one. --Where playing colours clash (at referee's discretion), the home team will change to distinct colours.

4. Master Game Sheet
Upon Arrival at the tournament each team must submit a master list of players at the information table. No less than thirty (30) minutes prior to your first game. Only players identified on the master list may compete in the tournament. We don't use game sheets, the master sheet will be the only copy we need.

5. Number of Players
A team may register eighteen (18) players. A minimum of seven (7) players at scheduled kick-off time constitutes a team in all games.

6. Guest Players
Each team may carry up to 6 guest players. If players are from another club they must have the proper documentation filled out and signed by the club and the district (Temporary Eligibility Permit - TEP)

7. Masters Division Eligibility
Men and Women must be turning either 30, 35 or 40 in the calendar year in which the tournament takes place.
Teams are allowed to have 2 underage players within 2 yrs of the age of the division (ie 33 yrs old can play the 35 yr old division)

8. Duration of Play

  • All games are 2 x 25 min. halves (no half time) and will start on the hour and end 10 minutes to the hour. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • In the event of a tie there will be 5 penalty shots taken. If this does not determine a winner, shots will continue until a winner is determined.
  • Will be a 10 minute over time. If not decided, penalty shots will follow.

9. Point System

  • 3 points will be awarded for a win
  • 1 point will be awarded for a tie
  • 0 points will be awarded for a loss

10. Substitutions
Unlimited substitution is permitted during a game, but may only be made at the following stoppages in play.

  • When a goal is scored
  • At a goal kick
  • At the beginning of the second half
  • At the beginning of the first or second half of extra time
  • For an injured player at the referee's discretion
  • On own throw-in (but we will allow to piggy back)

11. Determination of Team Leaders
Division leaders will be determined by the following criteria:

  • Most points
  • Goals Against
  • Goal difference
  • Most goals for
  • Coin toss

12. Coaching
Coaches must choose their side of the field prior to the start of the game and must remain within their side of the centerline.
Coaching outside this area will not be permitted. Only team officials are permitted in this area. Team officials are reminded that they are not allowed on the field of play without the referee's permission.

13. Protests
All protests must be made within 1 hour of completion of the game in question and must be accompanied by a fee of $100.00 cash, refundable if the protest is successful. Protest regarding referee's decision will not be heard.

14. Failure to Show
Any team failing to show for a scheduled game will forfeit. A result of 1:0 will be recorded in favor of the team who showed up to play.

15. Disciplinary Action
Will be in accordance with Ontario Soccer Discipline Policy 9 and as such;

  • A player receiving two yellow cards during the tournament will be suspended from the next game
  • A player receiving a red card will be suspended from the next game.
  • A player receiving two red cards during the tournament will be suspended from the tournament
  • The referee's jurisdiction regarding cautions and ejections shall be extended to cover all Team Officials who will be subject to the same disciplinary action as players. Coaches will be held responsible for the behavior of all spectators in their party.

16. Guaranteed Games
Each team is guaranteed a minimum of 3 games.

17. Game Officials Shirts
In case of a color clash between game officials and participating teams shirts, the game officials shall change their shirts

18. Weather
IF severe thunderstorms occur, coaches and teams must present themselves at the designated tournament control centre at each park or they will forfeit their game. If the referee or Tournament Committee concludes that the conditions are hazardous to the players, play will be suspended until the condition is judged to be safe.
The Tournament Committee reserves the right to shorten games in order to ensure that all games are played. The committee may also, if necessary, cancel a game that does not affect the final standings.
If a game is terminated due to bad weather after the first half has been completed, the score at termination will stand.


Please take note of the following info

  • There are no half time breaks ,will switch ends and start the second half. The game will start on the hour, and end (10) minutes to the hour.
  • The game will end by a blow horn controlled by a tournament organizer.
  • All teams must register before first game, once registered every player will be given a wristband to show that they are eligible to play( must have on when playing) (Wristbands will also get you 15% of food at the Grizzly Grill and brass pub and free cover and line skip at stages nightclub till 11:30)
  • All teams should be ready 15 min before game
  • A player receiving 2 yellow cards during the tournament will be suspended from the next game
  • Substitutions, will also be allowed on the team's own throw-in ( however if the throwing team chooses to make a sub, then the other team can also make a sub as well) also subs can made on goal kicks and injuries( at the referee's discretion)
  • Determination of Division leaders:
    • Most points
    • Head to head (not applicable to ties of 3 or more teams)
    • Goals against
    • Most goals
    • Coin toss
  • On some quarters and semi-finals may need to be changed to ty to avoid teams playing a team they already played on Saturday.
  • Please respect the environment and do not leave any litter behind on the fields.
    Thank-you to all participants, and enjoy your weekend in Kingston.

    Good luck to all teams Steve Douglas
    Tournament Coordinator


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